Are Houstonians Really In This Together?

The following essay was first published in the Houston Chronicle on March 29, 2020.  As I try to cope during this pandemic, I do so with less conviction that Houstonians really are all in this together. Increasingly, it’s your pocketbook ranking that determines ease of access to a host of daily perks and, in a … Read more

Exemplary Leaders Know to Care

Americans have long placed a high premium on their business, political and military leaders being tough and hard-nosed, or at least appearing so.  While blatantly weak leadership is obviously not virtuous, behavioral values associated with compassion don’t seem nearly as highly valued for leaders in our society. And yet, in my various supervisory roles in … Read more

Backyard Energy

A critical aspect of the pervasiveness of hydraulic fracturing is that the production of oil and gas directly affects the lives of millions of Americans.  Until recently, the business of finding and extracting oil and gas largely was conducted out of sight and out of mind for the vast majority of Americans.  Today, the hunt … Read more

PR Men Who Shaped Houston

A new book due out later this month describes the tenacity of one public relations man in the late 1950s who played a pivotal role in birthing Houston’s iconic domed stadium. During that same time period across town, a hard-charging PR executive at Foley’s Department Store quietly arranged racial integration of downtown lunch counters. These … Read more